Our Story

Our story began in 2016 when Skipper came into our lives. As with all the other pet parents, we started searching for the best nutritious pet food and treats available in the market. We quickly realized the vast majority of the products in the market had many unhealthy ingredients comprising of artificial chemicals and additives.

After a few indigestion and upset stomach episodes with Skipper, we decided to start making simple and wholesome healthy meals for him in our own kitchen. We met with multiple vets and pet nutritionists to gather information coupled with our own research and learning to formulate our recipes. This tradition has carried on and resulted in several recipes and treats. We observed immediate and long-term benefits over the years to his overall health and well-being due to the change in his diet. We now wish to share these wonderful recipes and treats with pet parents who are in a similar situation, looking for the best premium quality food for their pets. We feel it is time we make similar choices in the quality of food we choose for ourselves for our pets.

Our motto is less pain and more pleasure for our pets, pet parents and the planet!

The meat industry primarily driven by pet food manufacturing contributes to more than 60% of all greenhouse gas emissions. As the number of households with pets both in the US and international markets continue to increase this problem is only going to grow. Our solution to this is to reduce food waste in whatever capacity we can. Organ meats which are mostly discarded due to a lack in human consumption demand are packed with vital nutrients that can add to your pet’s overall health and well-being. These meats can serve as useful additions to your pet’s diet.

Our mission is to use nutrient rich meats and pair them with our unique blend of super-foods to create wholesome, sustainable, and healthy treats.

Together, we can make an impact to both our pets and the planet one treat at a time!